About Submerged!

“Submerged!” is composed of seven short video art pieces observing shifting mental interiors. Reactive visions of three short stories, written by Leo Kuelbs, are put to sound, resulting in a dynamic, multi layered seascape of the psyche.

“Submerged!” originally began as a short story within a book of the same name. “Submerged!” was one of 10 self­-published chapbooks written by Leo Kuelbs, under various pseudonyms, in the early­- to mid­-2000s. The books went to a DIY mailing list that spread from the USA to Asia. Eventually, about 18,000 were distributed, and several of the stories within went on to be published in journals around the USA.

Though the series stopped in 2009, the stories remained alive, seeking a new life as inspiration for another project. The video+sound project “Submerged!” was soon born. Karl Erickson was recruited to co-­curate and a broad range of visual artists was selected to work with an equal array of sound artists. After a year of organization and work, the complete show “Submerged!” surfaced in the Spring of 2014, emerging initially in New York City and Budapest.

The thirteen artists created seven videos (two versions each of “The Floater” and “Roger’s Dream” and three of “Submerged!”), which take the themes and images of the stories in new and various directions. Kuelbs and Erickson chose the artists from their extended networks, acting often on instinct to pair up the video and sound artists, trusting that their unique sensibilities would combine to make artworks that were truly special. Their trust was generously rewarded.

Available online, in DVD+Book form, as a limited edition object, and as an exhibition in cities around the world beginning in 2014.