The Artists

Nicole Antebi

Working mostly in video, installation, and animation, Antebi recently developed a series of animated essays about historical figures who brought water to the West in grandiose and destructive ways. Projects include the anthology/website, entitled Water, CA: Creative Visualizations for a New Millennium ( co-edited with Enid Baxter Ryce. The project was also the focus of a 2011 exhibition and festival at the Crocker Art Museum and the basis of Facing the Sublime in Water, CA, at the Armory Center for the Arts. Antebi’s work has screened on the Manhattan Bridge Anchorage as part of DUMBO Glow and in a converted trailer as part of Tiny-Cine. Other recent projects include  Pitch Battles, a multimedia performance at Machine Project with Colin Dickey and Chris Kallmyer, Ever Green, an exhibition embedded within Lara Bank’s “Portable Forest” at Monte Vista Projects, and And the Whale Said…, an impressionistic retelling of Moby Dick as a puppet show on a capsized ship at Machine Project (co-produced with Linda Wei). Website:

Alon Cohen

Alon Cohen is a musician, producer and sound designer, creating, playing, producing music and sounds for over 20 years. Graduate of The Jerusalem Art School in late 80’s, where studied film, theater and art history. A founding member of the seminal band Nosei HaMigbaat (the top hat carriers) 1987-1991.
Conceptualized and produced numerous music projects (Forgiveness, LMF, Sound Booming, Bring Back Reality, The King’s Court) Produced and Worked with artist like Matisyahu, Sting, Dry Eye Crow, Y-Love. Co founder and the creative vision behind production company 12 Tribe Sound. Collaborated with artists in theater, film & video, dance-movement and visual arts.

Jim Ellis

Eats, drinks, breaths, sleeps, grooms, fornicates, grows, works, emotes, lives, dies, and navigates space/time. His occupation resembles a cross of a mad scientist and a hurdy gurdy monkey performing for tips. His turn ons: Walks on the beach, kissing, people who think for themselves, and subverting the conventions of communication. Turn offs: Jerks, pollution, feeling rushed, surveillance, media programming, being pigeon-holed. Website:

Fabio Fonda

Born in Italy, Fabio started his career in New York with Darren Aronofsky’ s sound guru Brian Emrich before moving back to Europe. A former guitar player, he became a sound crafter after attending Berklee college in Boston and now works on different types of media, from commercials to interactive installations. Clients include Bjork, 1st ave machine, The Northface, and some musicians who have appreciated his work are Angelo Badalamenti and Radiohead. He’ s currently based in Berlin. Website:

Kitzinger Gábor

Gábor was born in Budapest 1977. Between 1983 – 86 he lived in Oran Algeria. He went to high school to the Baktay Erwin Gimnasium in Dunaharaszti Hungary, and graduated in Atkinson County High School,  Pearson Georgia in the USA. Gábor started his studies in the MOME (Hungarian Kraftarts University) in 2000, in 2003 spent a semester at the UDK university in Berlin and had his diploma at the MOME in visual communication at the video department. Since 2001 he has been vj-ing under the names of RioRokoko and Csontraketa. He is a member of the Kiégő Izzók (Glowing Bulbs) visual artist union since 2006. He is a founding member of the Omkamra art association (2009). Gábor’s webpage is

Alexander Hacke

Founding member of German band “Einstürzende Neubauten” in  1980 with which he performs and releases recordings with up till today. He has collaborated with countless artists of various genres (Nick Cave, Crime And The City Solution, Babazula, Gianna Naninni, David Eugene Edwards) and produces records and score music for theater pieces, feature films and documentary movies. Website:

Alex Hamadey

Alex Hamadey writes: “My name is Alex Hamadey, but I’ve produced music and sounds under aliases such as N’conduit, SmallBroadcasts, MC&Hammer, Shadow Lanes and Lindbergh Palace. I also have a couple techno/electronic vinyl labels, Voodoo Down Records and Rock and Roll Records, as well as a sound design company/sample store, EarBacon_Audio. I live in Brooklyn and spend most of time manipulating acoustic, analogue, digital and found sounds.”

Shir Lieberman

Shir Lieberman is an Israeli-American multidisciplinary designer & motion graphics artist living and working in New York City. She works combining a variety of mediums and disciplines including design, photography, graphics, styling and others to create engaging and thought-provoking work. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Design (concentrating on broadcast and media design) from HIT Israel, and has been working in motion graphics since 2010. Shir’s work has been exhibited at a number of venues including the New York City Art Directors Club, the Zero Film Festival, Bushwick Open Studios and 3rd Ward. For more information on Shir and other examples of her work visit:

Sam Marlow

Sam Marlow graduated in 2008 from the school of the Art Institute of Chicago.  As an animator and comic artist he has worked on a wide range of projects, from motion graphics for advertising, to traditional cartoon animation for documentaries, and most currently doing background design for the Adult Swim show, Superjail. More of his work can be seen at

Laura Ortman

Laura Ortman (White Mountain Apache) was a member of the THE DUST DIVE and STARS LIKE FLEAS, has written & recorded two solo albums (recorded by Martin Bisi) playing violin, Apache violin, piano, electric guitar, samples, megaphone & organ. She continually collaborates with artists, filmmakers, musicians and choreographers. She received the FIRST NATIONS COMPOSERS INITIATIVE Common Ground Award Grant for founding The Coast Orchestra, the all-Native American orchestra in 2008. Website:

Jonathan Phelps

Brooklyn based filmmaker Jonathan Phelps has written, directed and produced numerous short films, music videos, commercials, a feature and co-created two independent TV shows, including the darkly comic puppet show “Channel 616.” His production company Muckraker Productions [] specializes in combining live action, animation, puppets and special effects; striving to learn new techniques and understanding with every project. Jonathan has performed over a 100 live VJ shows across the country and has had his work shown on stage, in galleries, MTV and film screenings in NYC and beyond. Aside from film production, he’s producing a large body of visual artwork and poetry.

Danielle de Picciotto

Born in Tacoma, Washington USA, has been living in Berlin Germany since 1987. Studied music & art in NYC/Germany. Works as Gesamtkünstlerin/interdisciplinary artist since 1990 in the fields of art/film/ music/literature/performance. Co-founder of Berlin “Loveparade” ; projects  with German Cultural Goethe Institute in Hong Kong, Milan, Rome, Tokyo, Prague, Sarajevo and Mexico City since 2000. In 2009 the German Foreign Ministry in Berlin commissions Danielle de Picciotto to direct/produce a 10-minute art movie. Has exhibited & performed at MOCAD Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, IMOCA Indianapolis Museum of Modern Art, Museum Staatsgalerie Stuttgart Germany, London Museum of Art, Ontario. Website:

United VJs

Creatively integrates the digital arts using Video Projection Mapping, architecture, optical illusions, Fulldome (digital planetariums), Software programming, sound and video art. They are an International crew from São Paulo, with partners across South America and all over the world. This proactive multidisciplinary team of VJ artists, have performed in special locations such as Planetariums, Train stations, Mega Rock Concerts, Stadiums, Hotels, Museums, Raves, Classical Music halls, City Halls, Theatres and Touring Stages. Website:

United VJs are
Viktor Vicsek
VJ Roger S
VJ Zaz
VJ Spetto
Antonio Afonso

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VJ Spetto

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Daniel Brita
VJ Zaz