Kitzinger Gábor and Alex Hamadey

Kitzinger Gábor
Gábor was born in Budapest 1977. Between 1983 – 86 he lived in Oran Algeria. He went to high school to the Baktay Erwin Gimnasium in Dunaharaszti Hungary, and graduated in Atkinson County High School, Pearson Georgia in the USA. Gábor started his studies in the MOME (Hungarian Kraftarts University) in 2000, in 2003 spent a semester at the UDK university in Berlin and had his diploma at the MOME in visual communication at the video department. Since 2001 he has been vj-ing under the names of RioRokoko and Csontraketa. He is a member of the Kiégő Izzók (Glowing Bulbs) visual artist union since 2006. He is a founding member of the Omkamra art association (2009). Website:

Alex Hamadey
Alex Hamadey writes: “My name is Alex Hamadey, but I’ve produced music and sounds under aliases such as N’conduit, SmallBroadcasts, MC&Hammer, Shadow Lanes and Lindbergh Palace. I also have a couple techno/electronic vinyl labels, Voodoo Down Records and Rock and Roll Records, as well as a sound design company/sample store, EarBacon_Audio. I live in Brooklyn and spend most of time manipulating acoustic, analogue, digital and found sounds.”

The Floater by Kitzinger Gábor and Alex Hamadey

Gabor The Floater_2