Sam Marlow and Alon Cohen

Sam Marlow
Sam Marlow graduated in 2008 from the school of the Art Institute of Chicago.  As an animator and comic artist he has worked on a wide range of projects, from motion graphics for advertising, to traditional cartoon animation for documentaries, and most currently doing background design for the Adult Swim show, Superjail. Website:

Alon Cohen
Alon Cohen is a musician, producer and sound designer, creating, playing, producing music and sounds for over 20 years. Graduate of The Jerusalem Art School in late 80’s, where studied film, theater and art history. A founding member of the seminal band Nosei HaMigbaat (the top hat carriers) 1987-1991.
Conceptualized and produced numerous music projects (Forgiveness, LMF, Sound Booming, Bring Back Reality, The King’s Court) Produced and Worked with artist like Matisyahu, Sting, Dry Eye Crow, Y-Love. Co founder and the creative vision behind production company 12 Tribe Sound. Collaborated with artists in theater, film & video, dance-movement and visual arts.

Submerged by Sam Marlow and Alon Cohen

Marlow Submerged_3